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Cinderella Designers Quest

Allow us to show you the features of our website to show you how we can assist you
in promoting your elegant designs to the world to help you generate more sales.


"Designers Only" (Download)
Cinderella Designers Quest
“Designers Only”

Every woman dreams of living in her own fairy tale . . . Envied by women and desired by men. Cinderella Designers is on a quest for aspiring Fashion Designers looking to promote their new and unique designs, and well-established Fashion Designers who would be interested in sharing their beautiful designs to the world through our website and other vehicles, such as blogging and social media. Our main objective is to promote Fashion Designer Collections of all styles/genres and all price ranges of women’s formal wear to the world in ONE location.
Cinderella Designers promotes merchandise by Fashion Designers who:
*  are from around the world featuring:
   *  all cultures/ethnic groups (i.e., American, European, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian, Spanish, etc.)
   *  all genres/styles (i.e., glamour, girlie, western, gothic, etc.)
   *  all price ranges
*  are well-established
*  are aspiring/up-and-coming
*  create designs for special occasions/formal wear that feature timeless and contemporary collections
Why Cinderella Designers?
*  To promote women’s formal wear by Fashion Designers from around the world in one location
*  New Fashion Designers have a place to promote their new designs
*  Top/well-established Fashion Designers promote their designs through this website and social media as an additional storefront
*  Fashion Designers represent their country and culture
*  Be amongst Fashion Designers from around the world
What are the Advantages for you as a Fashion Designer?
*  For a limited time only, Cinderella Designers will add your elegant designs to our website at no cost to you. This will include:
    *  Uploading your web-ready designs
    *  Creating attention-getting descriptions
    *  Detailed information about your designs
    *  Size chart
    *  Prices
    *  Shipping information, etc.
*  Cinderella Designers seeks/offers to promote your designs around the world through our website, blogging and social media
    *  Facebook
    *  Twitter
    *  Pinterest
    *  LinkedIn
    *  YouTube (coming soon)
*  While collaborating with other Fashion Designers, our hope is to not only to promote your designs to the world, but to bring the world to us as a one-stop-shop of formal wear by Fashion Designers.
What do we need to add your Designs to Cinderella Designers?
To confirm authenticity and integrity, your Contact Information is required to allow Cinderella Designers to promote your designs to the world. This information protects you and your designs from counterfeiting and protects Cinderella Designers should your authentic designs be questioned by our clients or other sources of their origination and authenticity. The following are items needed to add you to our website:
*  Biography/summary of designer
*  High-resolution, web-ready product photos (preferably digital)
*  Product information (i.e., product name, product number, product dimension, product weight, description, etc.)
*  Prices (i.e., wholesale cost and suggested retail price)
*  Shipping information
*  Exchanges/returns information
*  Size chart
*  Miscellaneous and/or frequently asked questions

How does it work:

Fashion Designer provides the items as indicated above. Cinderella Designers promotes merchandise at suggested retail price to consumer. Fashion Designer allows Cinderella Designers to pay at the wholesale price along with dropshipping fees. Cinderella Designers sends the orders to Fashion Designer and Fashion Designer ships merchandise directly to client upon receipt of payment.
What are the website features for Cinderella Designers?
*  State-of-the-art ecommerce website with secure shopping cart
*  Beautiful and elegantly visible website with movable functions
*  Slideshows or Videos
*  Images that flicker when mouse hovers, showing 2 angles
*  Summary popup when mouse hovers over image
*  Full/detail version when click on name of item showing multiple angles and other details (i.e., size chart, shipping, etc.)
*  Sidebar scrolls to the top with one click
*  Unique, expressive, attention-getting descriptions
*  LIghtbox for special offers
*  Landing pages for email listbuilding
*  Social Media Icons (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.)

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