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Since the beginning of time, fashion has been a significant commodity as a necessity, aesthetic and representative of culture. Cinderella Designers is on a quest to bring all these cultures together in one location to be viewed and acquired by the world. The most romantic, dreamy form of fashion is Formal Wear. And the most creative, aesthetic clothes makers in the world -- making all of our dreams come true -- are Fashion Designers.

Cinderella Designers was created to connect the world with authentic women's Formal Wear of all cultures and genres by Fashion Designers from around the world. We seek to provide every woman with access to apparel of distinction by our favorite and aspiring Fashion Designers -- timeless, fashionable styles of all times, all seasons, all eras, at various costs -- in ONE location.

Cinderella Designers is on a quest for aspiring Fashion Designers looking to promote their new and unique designs,
and well-established Fashion Designers who would be interested in sharing their elegant designs on our website
through other vehicles -- blogging and social media -- that we provide to the world.


To be a part of this majestic quest, please click on the castle below to submit your contact information
so that we may induct you into our Queendom.


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Every woman dreams of living in her own fairy tale . . .
Envied by women and desired by men.

Be a part of this global quest to conquer the world!

Making all your dreams come true!

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